Welcome – Bienvenue -Tawâw – howdy

Whether said in English, French, Cree, or another language spoken by families in Big Lakes County, we truly mean it. That’s how things are around here. We wave and say hello to the people we know and even to strangers. It’s a rural thing.

In 2016, Big Lakes County staff and council made a decision to improve our information and communications to four important groups: our residents, our businesses, our visitors, and our investors. We have broken down this website into those four categories. This allows us to speak to and inspire people within and outside of the county. Many people belong to one or more of those groups today, or they will begin to see themselves as hosts, entrepreneurs, adventurers, and drivers of our economy if they do not already.

This website is the official site of our municipal government. It is just one way that we are connecting with these four audiences to highlight who we are and to provide the best information and resources that we can. Kindly visit our official social media sites, send us an email, stop by the office, or give us a call anytime.


Big Lakes County Administration