“Big Lakes County offers a highly diverse cultural, economic, agricultural, and landscape opportunity. The hugest benefit to having such fertile and open land to develop, a small population, and diverse small business offerings is the entrepreneurial, hard-working foundation [here] with growth in mind.” – Morgan Nesom, The FarmTruck

There is tremendous unrealized potential in Big Lakes County. Most places are saturated and it is tough to be the first or the best. Not here. In Big Lakes, investors can find opportunities or create projects that stand out.

Advantages to investing in Big Lakes are:

  • A visionary, coordinated, and ambitious Economic Development Authority that brings inside and outside expertise to the table to spur investment. Contact the EDA for more information: ecdev@biglakescounty.ca
    • Land for agriculture, development opportunities, and commercial ventures is among the lowest priced in Alberta. For more information, please contact a local real estate agency.
    • Rural is the trend. More and more urban dwellers are craving rural experiences to connect with nature and wildlife, agriculture, and the slower pace and strong sense of community that rural living brings. We are only a 3-hour drive from Edmonton and a 2-hour drive from Grande Prairie. Improvements to our airports makes air travel an option, as well.
    • Large companies in, and suppliers to, the primary resource sectors including agriculture, energy, and forestry have already had considerable success here. There is still room to grow and a skilled workforce in these sectors to access.
    • Big Lakes County is home to Northern Lakes College. The college has over 50 campuses throughout northern Alberta, including two campuses and the head office within the county limits. Industry often partners with the college to provide world-class education and training for adult students to be skilled employees.
    • Our infrastructure is top notch. Our railways, roads, and waterways move people and goods daily. Big Lakes was also recently awarded funds from the Alberta Government to lead an Intermunicipal Broadband Discovery Project to work towards improving connectivity throughout the region.
    • Big Lakes County is an ideal place to attract loyal employees who want recreation, nature, and community. Local amenities for families such as our county halls, the High Prairie Aquatic Centre, Jaycee Park, lakeside resorts, and the Gordan Buchanan Recreation Centre are well-maintained. There is a state-of-the art Health Care Centre in High Prairie, which opened in 2017. Quality primary to post-secondary education available here, too

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