We Need Your Help To Develop The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Managment Plan

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Forest Management Plan is a roadmap for forest use and sustainability in the Slave Lake region. The plan is due for submission in 2020 with approval in 2021.  This is a joint forest management plan between Tolko Industries Ltd., Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd., and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. that will govern forest harvesting and renewal from 2021-2031. These Slave Lake area forest products companies will work together to develop a plan and create shared goals, standards, and objectives.  The success of the plan and the strength of these objectives depends on public input. The companies welcome and are seeking public input into the plan. Together, we can create a sustainable, multi-purpose forest in the Slave Lake region.

This management plan overlaps the Big Lakes County boundaries (see image below). The purpose is to increase public knowledge of the plan, and increase public input/feedback.