Upgrades to the Joussard Water Supply

  • 03 Jan 2019
  • Written by  Big Lakes County

Notice is given that Big Lakes County has filed an application under the provisions of the Water Act for construction of upgrade to the Hamlet of Joussard water supply intake located at NE 08-071-13-W5.  The raw water intake will be improved by installing an upgraded screen to meet DFO guidelines.  A second 200mm diameter HDPR raw water supply pipeline will be installed 200m into Lesser Slave Lake by applying trenchless drilling technology.  Construction site will be restored to pre-disturbance condition under the guidance of a Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist

Any person who is directly affected by this application may submit a written statement of concern to within 7 days of the date of this notice to:

Environment and Parks
Regulatory Approvals Centre
5th Floor, South Petroleum Plaza
9915 108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2G8
Phone:  780-427-6311
Fax:  780-422-0154
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The written statement of concern should include the following:

  • the application number: 001-00426871
  • describe concerns that are relevant to matters regulated by the Water Act
  • explain how the filer of the concern will be directly affected by the activity and/or diversion of water proposed in the application
  • provide the legal land location of the land owned or used by the filer where the concerns described are believed to be applicable
  • state the distance between the land owned or used by the filer and the site in the application
  • contact information including the full name and mailing address of the filer. Please provide the telephone number and/or email address for ease of contact.

Environment and Parks will review each written statement of concern, seek more information if needed, and notify each filer by letter of the decision to accept or reject their written submission as a valid statement of concern.  The Public Notice of this application will also be posted on the Department’s website at .

Please quote file number:  00409606

Statements of concern submitted regarding this application are public records which are accessible by the public and the applicant. Failure to file a statement of concern may affect the right to file a Notice of Appeal with the Environmental Appeals Board.
Copies of the application and additional information can be obtained from:
Kyla Walker-Makowecki, M.Sc., QAES
EnviroMak Inc.
101-18331 105 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5S 2K9
Phone: 780-425-2461
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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