Do You Want Better Internet?

Big Lakes County, along with several Counties and municipalities in Northwest Alberta is working with Canadian Fiber Optics, a rural Alberta founded company to apply for a grant to connect County residents, businesses and industry to high speed fiber based internet.  The Regional connectivity initiative is called Project Aurora. To increase our chances of success, we are requesting letters of support. Support from residents, businesses and industry have a meaningful impact on the assessment of the project and therefore the success of the application. Canadian Fiber Optics is looking to receive letters of support from residents, businesses and industry across the project area, please spread the word. Thank you for supporting the communities and people Project Aurora will serve.

How can you help?

Please email your letters of support/pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by  February 5.


Project Background

While residents and businesses in urban centres have access to reliable high-speed broadband with speeds of 100-1000 Mbps, most homes, farms, businesses and industry in Northwest Alberta have limited access to basic internet service (50/10 Mbps download/upload) and have no access to the faster internet speeds that are required to succeed in an increasingly digital economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this divide making the need for high-speed internet for rural Alberta homes, farms, businesses and industry more urgent than ever.

Project Aurora is a Regional project designed and proposed by Canadian Fiber Optics Corp, a rural Alberta founded company that has constructed over 500km of fiber infrastructure since 2017, owns and operates 275 of fiber network in the Peace County. Project Aurora will provide high bandwidth, fiber based internet to Northwest Albertan residents, farmers, businesses and industry to and through the Smoky River Regional Economic District, Town of High Prairie, Saddle Hills County, the County of Grande Prairie, Birch Hills County and Big Lakes County. The infrastructure is designed to be further expanded to surrounding communities, Counties and MD’s.

Unlike other non-fiber technology -including wireless and satellite- the fiber first approach of Project Aurora will provide industrial customers in Northwest Alberta with internet speeds and service comparable to those in Canada’s largest cities (a minimum of 100Mbps and scalable to 10Gbps), for an affordable price. Fiber technology is also scalable and future proofed to ensure that it can meet the economic needs of the region for the next three decades and beyond.