Big Lakes Volunteer Appreciation

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy and impact of volunteerism in your community and across our country. Volunteer Week 2021 is April 18-24. It is a time to recognize volunteers and celebrate the power of volunteerism in our community.


We’re accepting nominations!
Nominations are open and being accepted for Volunteer Appreciation events in our communities. These events are hosted by Big Lakes Family & Community Support Services.


Who can make a nomination?
Any group or individual may submit one or more nominations to Big Lakes Family & Community Support Services for the Volunteer Appreciation events held throughout the County of Big Lakes and Town of High Prairie.


Nomination forms can be picked up at the County office, the Town office, all FCSS outreach offices or printed from the website at Forms must be filled out completely to be considered by the selection committee. Nominations are kept confidential and only the nominees selected by the committee will be announced to the public.


Who can be nominated?
Candidates who live in Big Lakes County or Town of High Prairie who meet the eligibility criteria listed below. All nominees must be:

  • Involved in an activity or activities that are voluntary in nature and are not part of the candidate’s occupation or job description.
  • Involved in an activity or activities that provide a benefit to the community, bring credit or distinction to the community or enhance life in the community. Such activities can be in any area of community service (cultural activities, recreation, civic service, youth work, or community promotion).
  • Candidate must have volunteered in 2019-2020.


Additionally, keep in mind that:    

  • You do not have to receive permission from a candidate in to nominate them.
  • Nominations become the property of the Big Lakes Family & Community Services


Why do volunteers have to be nominated?
Nominations will help the organizers properly honor each volunteer for their contribution to their communities and assist with planning the event.


What is the deadline for a nomination?
Nomination forms must be completely filled out and signed and returned to the selection committee by April 1, 2021. No late nominations will be accepted.


Nominations can be delivered in person to the County office, Town office, or any FCSS office. Fully completed forms can also be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..