Peavine Access Road Construction


Effective September 8th, 2021, pavement repair and replacement will begin in the Peavine Metis Settlement on the main office parking lots. On September 14th, 2021, road construction will continue on the Peavine Access Road (Rge Rd 163, Twp Rd 780 and Rge Rd 160) from Jct Hwy 679 to Twp Rd 790A, north of the Peavine Metis Settlement office.

The Peavine Access Road (Rge Rd 163) from Hwy 679 to Twp Rd 790A will be down to one lane traffic with flaggers in place during road construction hours, Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. During non-construction hours, the Peavine Access Road will be back to two lanes traffic.

Construction timelines are subject to change due to weather conditions.