Public Notice of Property Inspections

Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. will be conducting inspections at select properties throughout the County boundaries from December 13 to December 17, 2021. Properties to be inspected are those which a development permit has been applied for, or a known change has occurred.


“The County re-inspects properties to ensure all data assessment records are accurate and up-to-date; and assessors will be visiting properties at which ratepayers have applied for County permits or there is a known change. However, some properties will not be visited because they were already re-inspected earlier in the year.”


Property inspection is a standard policy to ensure accurate information is collected and reflected in the property assessment. County assessors will be wearing photo identification badges. If residents are not home, assessors may leave a door hangar with information to contact Compass Assessment Consultants Inc. if there are questions about the development. If you have any questions, please contact our Tax and Assessment Clerk, at 780-523-5955.


All information collected during the inspection is subjected to the Freedom of Information and Privacy of Protection Act.