High Prairie & Area Chamber of Commerce Façade Improvement Award

This was a brand new award added to the High Prairie & Area Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala, which took place October 21st at the Elks Rodeo Hall.

The award recognizes companies and trades people who have improved the curb appeal of businesses in High Prairie and throughout the county. It goes to company owners who take extra care and pride in their exteriors and the overall experience of customers and passersby.

This is the Chamber’s first cash prize and the first partnership between the High Prairie & Area Chamber of Commerce and the Big Lakes County Economic Development Authority. Both organizations work to create an environment for businesses to thrive. Revitalization through improved properties is top of mind for both High Prairie and Big Lakes County. It helps to enhance community pride, improves the resident and tourism experience, and drives economic development.

We welcome this collaboration and thank the Town of High Prairie, Big Lakes County, and Progress Unlimited Consulting for their generous support. If you would like to help sponsor next year’s award, please contact the Chamber.

In Big Lakes County, we would like to recognize the High Prairie & District Golf Club for its new and improved decking. Golfers from near and far enjoyed and raved about the decking and concrete improvements all season. The Golf Club hired Cody Calahoon to do the work. Great work making an important facility in our community even better.

In High Prairie, the façade improvement award goes to Jodi Sware, owner of One Thousand Words Photography. Jodi transformed an old building in downtown High Prairie by MacIntyre Park. She worked with several contractors, but mostly with Kenneth Cox on the façade. Don’t you love the modern industrial feel of the new façade? It’s a new jewel on 50th street.

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