Big Lakes County is home to 26,957 hectares of park and protected natural assets that offer a variety of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike.

Activities for Land-Lovers:

Cycling, Hiking, Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, Birding, Camping, Mountain Biking, Hunting, OHV Riding, Horseback Riding, Golfing.

Activities for Lake-Lovers:

Swimming, Fishing & Ice Fishing, Sailing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Power Boating, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Paddle Boarding.

Notable Parks & Natural Assets
Lesser Slave Lake & Wildland:

Lesser Slave Lake is the third largest lake in Alberta, covering 1,160km2 and measuring over 100km long and 15km at its widest point. The Lesser Slave Lake Wildland, located on the north shore of Lesser Slave Lake, contains important fish spawning and rearing habitat, key waterfowl staging and production areas, moose habitat and critical moose winter range, as well as bald eagle and osprey nesting areas.

Grouard-Peace River Trail:

Connecting the western end of Lesser Slave Lake to the Peace River, the Grouard-Peace River Trail was originally used by Aboriginal peoples and later became well-trodden with missionaries, gold-seekers, traders, and homesteaders. The trail is currently rebuilt around Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park through to Police Point Natural Area with extensions east and northwest planned.

Winagami Lake Provincial Park & Wildland:

Winagami Lake is a provincial park and wildland located approximately 30km northwest of High Prairie.

Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park:

Hilliard’s Bay is a provincial park located 40km from High Prairie, on the northwest shore of Lesser Slave Lake.

Park & Natural AssetsArea (Ha)
Lesser Slave Lake Wildland3,581
Grouard- Peace River Trail3,397
Winagami Lake PP & Wildland17,655
Source: Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, 2013
Marinas and Boat Launches:

Boasting Alberta’s largest inland marina and many other marinas, Big Lakes County is a freshwater playground. Marinas are located along Lesser Slave Lake, Winagami, and Snipe Lake.

  • Bay Shore Resort – 1 launch/40 slip marina
  • Reel In Resort – 1 boat launch
  • Cattail Cabins & RV Park – 1 launch/30 slip marina
  • Shadow Creek Resort – 400 boat slips
  • Hill & Hollow Campground – 1 launch/35 slip marina
  • Shaw’s Point Park – 5 launchs/75 slip 2 marina
  • Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park – 1 boat launch
  • Snipe Lake Southshore Resort – 1 boat launch
  • Ladyhawk Cabins – 1 launch/35 slip marina
  • Spruce Point Park – 1 launch/100 stall marina
  • Lakeshore Campground – 1 launch/35 slip marina
  • Winagami Lake Provincial Park – 1 boat launch