The Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) program is provided in each of the hamlets within Big Lakes County and within the Town of High Prairie.



  1. To improve the quality of life for our community by assisting people to address their own needs and help themselves.
  2. To help people help themselves to live a happier and healthier life.
  3. To educate the community and make people aware of choices and options, thereby, giving individuals power over their own life.


Services Offered 

  • Home Support Program
  • Community Outreach Workers
  • Community Networking
  • Seniors Programs
  • Community Volunteer Tax Preparation Program
  • Youth Programs
  • Community Newsletters
  • Family Programs
  • Awareness Projects
  • Workshops/Seminars
  • Referral Services
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Emergency Social Services

Home Support

Home Support is offered to residents of Big Lakes County and the Town of High Prairie who may require assistance with household cleaning due to illness, age or medical condition. Big Lakes County FCSS will provide up to 4 hours of service per week and service fees are charged based on income.

Please contact the local FCSS office in your community or call the County Office for more information. Toll Free 1-866-523-5955


Questions & Answers 

Q. Where are the Big Lakes FCSS offices and what are the hours of work?

Kinuso Hamlet Office

Faust – Fire Hall

  • 780-355-3896
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Joussard – Municipal Services Facility

Grouard – Fire Hall

Enilda – Fire Hall

High Prairie – on the second floor of the Moostoos Building.

  • 780-536-0062
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

FCSS Manager

Nicole Hanna 780-776-0008


Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. To avoid waiting time or time conflict with a pre-booked client an appointment helps both you and staff deal with your needs in a timely manner.


Q. What do Outreach Workers do?

A. Outreach Workers are in the communities to assist residents of Big Lakes County, and the Town of High Prairie. They assist with government forms, provide resource information, refer residents to other agencies and do tax returns for low income residents. They also act as an advocate for residents when they deal with various government departments.


Q. What kinds of forms do they help with?

A. Applications for AISH, CPP, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Alberta Senior Benefit, Aids to Daily Living, RRAP, EARP, HASI, Alberta Special Needs Grants for Seniors, Alberta Blue Cross, Passport Applications, etc. If the form you require is not listed, rest assured that they will do their best to assist you.


Q. Why will FCSS not offer services to residents of Reserves and Settlements?

A. Provincial FCSS legislation does not allow us to provide services to Reserves and Settlements.  Government funding for these services is provided outside our program.  Reserves and Settlements may receive government funding to establish their own FCSS services.


Q. How do I get help if I am disabled or sick and cannot get to the FCSS office?

A. Contact your FCSS Office to schedule a home visit.


Q. What else do these workers do?

A. Each Outreach office provides special events for their community. They all have Family Day activities, special events during Seniors Week, Volunteer Appreciation activities and Christmas Angel Programs.


Q. I need help cleaning my home. What is Home Support?

A. Home Support is a light housekeeping service available to residents for an income based fee. This is a subsidized service for disabled and seniors who need assistance so they can remain in their own homes. Contact your community Outreach Worker to apply for Home Support. Fees start at $5.00 per hour. Clients are billed monthly. We do not provide heavy cleaning and home support staff will not attend if the client is not present.


Q. What is Home Support?

A. Home Support is a light housekeeping service available to residents of the county.  This is a subsidized service for disabled residents and seniors who need assistance so they can remain in their own homes.  Fees can be as low as $5.00 per hour, depending on your income level.  Bills are sent out monthly.  Heavy cleaning such as spring cleaning or yard work is not provided.  Home Support workers are prohibited from entering a home if the client is not present. Contact your community Outreach Worker for more information or to apply for Home Support. 


Q. Youth Programs?

A. FCSS makes every effort to deliver youth programs in Grouard, Joussard and Faust.  Babysitting and Home Alone Safely courses are also offered on a regular basis.


Q. Newsletters- What can we include?

A. Our newsletters are intended to provide community information, upcoming events, health information and community organization news. Due to F.O.I.P. regulations we cannot accept personal greetings such as birthday wishes.



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