Veterinary Service Incorporated (VSI)

The Big Lakes County recognizes the importance of veterinary services to support the productivity of the livestock industry and animal health. For this reason, the County has created a policy to provide guidelines for continued participation in the Veterinary Services Incorporated (V.S.I.) Program.

V.S.I. Eligibility

  1. Applicants must be ratepayers of agricultural lands within the County. (tax roll must be checked).
  2. Rented land or residential land within High Prairie or other hamlets/subdivisions is NOT considered agricultural lands.
  3. Husband and wife are normally permitted to hold only one card between them (per household basis).
  4. Only Agricultural Fieldman may issue cards.

Eligible animal species:

  • Cattle
  • Hogs
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Bison
  • Elk
  • Deer

Question: Is VSI a subsidy to veterinarians?

  1. VSI is not a subsidy to veterinarians.
  2. VSI pays a portion of the producer’s costs for services rendered.
  3. No payments are made to a veterinarian unless services are rendered.
  4. There are provisions in the veterinary contracts to ensure that VSI is revenue neutral for participating veterinarians.
  5. Producers still pay a significant portion of the cost for professional services, thus ensuring only those services that are necessary are provided.

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