Wolf Hunting Incentive

Big Lakes County recognizes the need to support wolf population control efforts to reduce the incidents of livestock predation. To that end, the County created the Wolf Hunting Incentive. This incentive sees individuals harvesting a wolf being compensated by the municipality $250.00 per pelt(subject to change as per budget deliberations). This incentive is meant to promote the lawful hunting of wolves within the municipality.

The program is reviewed on a regular basis and includes all lands and residents within Big Lakes County, including the residents of Métis and First Nation settlements.

When requesting authorization for reward payment, the registrant must declare the following:

  1. That the wolf was harvested within an 8 kilometre (5 mile) perimeter of private property or grazing leases
  2. The legal land location where the wolf was harvested
  3. That they are the registered legal landowner or the authorized occupant of the land; and/or
  4. That the registrant has permission to hunt on said land

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