Animal Control

Big Lakes County wants to ensure that all our residents, including their pets, are safe. We encourage you to know the rules and follow them to protect your pet. Please refer to our Animal Control Bylaw No. 12-2017 which outlines the regulations regarding the keeping of dogs in our County. Dog licenses are free in the County and we encourage all dog owners to license their pets.

If you are a livestock owner or producer, please refer to the Livestock Control Bylaw No. 08-2013 which covers the regulations for livestock running at large.

Big Lakes County employs an Animal Care & Control Officer whose main role is to enforce these two bylaws. Our Animal Care & Control Officer patrols the hamlets on a regular basis for dogs running at large as well as stray or feral dogs, talks with residents who have questions, concerns or are in need of advice for their own pets, and investigates complaints such as dogs at large, barking dogs, attacks/bites, and animal health and wellness.

In The Woods Animal Rescue near Nampa, greatly assists the County's Animal Control Program and we are very thankful to have the Rescue accept so many dogs from our area.

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