Business Opportunities

In 2016, the Big Lakes County Economic Development Authority (EDA) began gathering information about:


An opportunity to grow — BIG TIME!

Big Lakes is a prime area for scalable agriculture start-ups. It is also a place of interest for investors looking for low-risk returns or seeking to connect food sources — canola, beef, barley, wheat, and peas — to growing populations abroad. Agriculture possibilities are endless in Big Lakes for those with the vision to see them and make them grow. Learn more by downloading our AGRICULTURE Sector Profile.


Turn wood into wealth

Forestry in Big Lakes County is big business. Lumber products from our region can be found in dozens of countries around the world. And we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible for profits. Learn more by downloading our FORESTRY sector profile.


Another boom is coming!

Since 2015, the economic activity generated from the energy industry has declined across all of Alberta. Whatever stock market charts and government reports show the price of a barrel of oil there is an undercurrent of activity in the Big Lakes area that reflects investments and future planning for the energy industry. Learn more by downloading our ENERGY sector profile.

Transportation & Logistics

Always moving forward – Profile coming soon!


Big Lakes County is a wilderness enthusiast’s paradise located just a few hours from Alberta’s major northern cities. We are proud of our wilderness: beautiful lakes, forests, and rolling countryside. We are equally proud of the first-rate resorts and developments on our lakeshores and throughout the area. There is tremendous opportunity for tourism in Big Lakes County. Learn more by downloading our TOURISM sector profile.

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