Capital Project Grant

Through the Capital Project Grant, Big Lakes County provides a source of funds for eligible capital projects to be undertaken by community organizations that provide community services within the County.

This program is governed by Council Policy ADMIN-55 Grant Funding Policy.

Who can apply

  • Community organizations who are a registered society within the province of Alberta;
  • Community organizations who have a charitable status with the government of Canada;

What you need to apply

  • A complete application form (link below);
  • Current Financial Statements, signed by two executed officers, that have been approved by your organization at it's AGM;
  • Most recent proof of filing;
  • Annual General Meeting minutes, from the year you're applying;
  • Signed grant agreement (in the application form);
  • Current years association budget;
  • Capital project budget and plan;
  • Quotes/estimates for the equipment, materials, labor, etc. identified in the application. All estimates should be obtained locally;

Eligible activities

Funds shall be used towards the following projects:

  • Land or buildings;
  • Facility/site construction, renovation or repair;
  • Facility/site assessment, study, design, or construction documents to support the above projects;

What you need to know

  • Late applications will not be accepted;
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding;
  • Projects must be completed in accordance with the Safety Codes Act;
  • Retroactive payments will not be made;
  • Projects that benefit individuals and/or family groups are ineligible for funding;
  • If you're unable to complete your project in the year it was approved, a request for extension must be submitted to the County by October 31;
  • In the event of an emergency, a capital project application can be submitted in the same year funding is requested. Payments will not be made retroactively and the decision to fund is pending Council approval;


Big Lakes County may fund up to 50% of the total project cost(s). Funds will only be provided after an approved community organization completes a claim form.


October 31, 2019
For funding in 2020.


For questions, or for more information please refer to the Grant Funding Policy or contact Kaleb Brink at 780-523-5955 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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